About Vreugdenhil

Dutch Quality

Vreugdenhil products have an excellent reputation for high safety and dependable quality.

Hygiene and food safety

More than 800 certified farmers deliver 365 days a year the best quality milk. They meet the strictest requirements for food hygiene and safety. We select raw materials with care.

At our modern production sites - all FSSC 22.000 certified - we fulfil the strictest hygiene and quality requirements. Milk powder production is our speciality, so that’s what we focus on. We constantly improve our products.

Various quality checks on the milk and the powder that Vreugdenhil makes from the fresh milk guarantees that every product that reaches customers is of the best quality. We conduct continuous checks in our own labs for microbiological aspects and colour, smell and taste.

You can order kosher and halal certified milk powders. 

Complying with strict quality standards means we receive a bonus for our milk.
Arie en Joke de Jongh
Dairy farmers in Herwijnen, the Netherlands

Quality certifications

  • FSSC 22.000
  • SKAL for organic milk powder
  • Kosher
  • Halal

Special requests

Vreugdenhil can supply certified organic milk. We can also produce certified halal and kosher-compliant products. Find out more from our Customer Service representatives:
T: +31 33 30 35 033

The high nutrient level of milk means it can make an important contribution to the UN World Food Programme. That’s why we constantly examine how we can further enrich our milk powders.
Sicco Roukema
Quality Assurance Director at Vreugdenhil