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Milky Gari is a nutritious porridge based on our enriched milk powder, locally grown cassava. International relief and recovery organisation ZOA provides this porridge to school-going children. This is an additional reason for many parents to send their children to school. The project makes an important contribution to the development of the local community by creating market links between local farmers and agricultural businesses to provide school children with a nutritious meal. Local farmers supply the cassava and receive training in increasing their yields. Local entrepreneurs process these into a dry mixture that the cooks at the school then make into a porridge. This is how we ensure that local farmers can increase their revenue by selling fresh products to agricultural businesses, which, in turn, offer nutritious school meals that both combat malnutrition among children and get children back in school. The project helps 15,240 people, and that is without counting the children who get the school meals.

The Milky Gari project is set to end in 2022. Together with ZOA, we intend to bring this project to an end in a sustainable way, whereby transferring it to a local party and seeking additional financing are two possible options we are looking into.