Hollandia Street

full cream milk powder

Milk, yoghurt or smoothie?

Hollandia Street: the best choice for a fit and healthy body. Hollandia Street full cream milk powder is nutritious and can be used in many different ways to create healthy food products. Just drink a glass of fresh milk or make yourself a smoothie or some yoghurt for breakfast or use it in soup for a tasty dinner.

How to use Hollandia Street?
man drinking milk
hollandia street tin

Healthy choice

Do you enjoy Hollandia Street every day? This high quality milk powder from Holland is a healthy and nutritious choice. The calcium naturally contained in milk provides one of the building blocks for strong bones. By adding vitamins A and D3, we can help your body to absorb even more of the calcium it needs.

Why choose Hollandia Street?

Made in Holland

900 certified Dutch dairy farmers deliver the best quality milk to make Hollandia Street milk powder. These dairy farmers meet the strictest food hygiene and safety standards. Also, regular checks in our own labs ensure our milk powder is always improving. 

Where does the milk powder come from?
dairy farmer outside