Fat filled powder

As well as instant full cream and skimmed milk powders, Vreugdenhil also produces instant fat filled  powder: an unique product made from fresh skimmed milk and plant ingredients.


In view of today’s trend toward cost-effective milk powders, fat filled powder offers an excellent alternative to full cream milk powder. It is produced by spray drying a blend of fresh, pasteurized skimmed milk and vegetable fat. The resulting powder is characterized by outstanding solubility and a rich milky flavour. Fat filled powder reaches many parts of the world through our extensive network of direct sales organizations, distributors, and resellers. Due to the year-round production of milk in the Netherlands, we can guarantee availability.


  • Fat content ranging from 26% to 28%
  • Standardized or higher protein content for increased yogurt yield
  • Available in bulk, big bags, and 25 kg bags
  • Available in clear white and yellow versions
  • Regular fat filled powder is available on request

Some brands are available with optimized protein content for various applications, ranging from 15% to 26% protein. We also have fat filled powder available on the basis of 100% milk proteins and in some cases with whey protein.


The delicious taste of Vreugdenhil powdered milk, and its outstanding solubility in both hot and cold water, means consumers can enjoy it often. Drink it like a glass of fresh milk. Use it as an ingredient for making cheese, yogurt, ice cream and other confectionary. Or add a spoonful to tea or coffee. 


Our fat filled powders are often sold in markets and souks, where traders measure out as much as you need from a 25kg bag. Fat filled powder is also avalable in bulk or big bag. This powder is sold under the Victoria, Classic, Star, Best Choice, Crème Valley, Délicieux Leader and Etoile brand names.