Based on skimmed milk powder

Special blends

You can order special blends at Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods. an excellent alternative to skimmed milk powder.

Our skimmed milk powder substitutes offer an excellent alternative to skimmed milk powder. Skimmed milk powder is the standard ingredient used in numerous applications. However, in many cases, Vreugdenhil’s skimmed milk powder substitutes offer a very good alternative without loss of functionality and greater economic advantages. Our substitutes are used by many different sections of the food industry, most notably by the dairy industry, the confectionery industry, the culinary industry, ice-cream manufacturers, and the bakery industry.

In view of today’s trend toward cost-effective and low-fat products, these special blends are characterized by good solubility, a low fat content, and an appealing milky flavour. Our substitutes contain no artificial additives such as colourings, flavourings, gelatine, or stabilizers. Due to the year-round production of milk in the Netherlands, we can guarantee product availability. 

Special blends

The advantages of our skimmed milk powder substitutes are as follows:

- The right proportion of milk and whey proteins for your application
- The optimum balance between the required protein percentage and an attractive price.
- Available in bulk, big bags, and 25 kg bags as well as consumer packaging
- Options for customization to suit individual specifications