Fat filled powder


Fat filled powder is produced by spray drying a blend of fresh, pasteurized skimmed milk and vegetable fat.

Star instant premium fat filled powder is used by many different sections of the food industry, for instance by the dairy industry, ice-cream manufacturers, and the confectionery and chocolate industry. Its free-flowing properties, good solubility, and pleasant flavour mean that Star instant premium fat filled powder can be used in a wide variety of products such as recombined milk, cultured milk, various yogurt types, chocolate, ice cream and biscuits, and it can also be added to coffee or tea as it is. Due to the year-round production of milk in the Netherlands, we can guarantee availability.

Product specification

  • Fat content ranging from 26% to 28%
  • Standardized or higher protein content for increased yogurt yield
  • With optimized protein content for various applications, ranging from 15% to 26% protein
  • Available on the basis of 100% milk proteins and in some cases with whey protein
  • Available in clear white and yellow versions