Packaging and delivery times


We can supply in a range of convenient quantities and sizes: 

  • Bulk tankers: 10.000-25.000 kg
  • Big Bags: 400-1.000 kg (and all sizes in between)
  • Bagged: 25 kg
Delivery times

If the product you want is in stock, we aim for the following delivery times:

  • The Netherlands: 3 business days, if ordered before 12:00
  • Europe: 4 business days, if ordered before 12:00
  • Orders to countries outside Europe can be tracked: track your order

For custom products, the delivery time is approximately 6 weeks.


We offer consumers a range of milk powder choices. Nutritious, tasty and soluble in hot and cold water, and they can be stored for a long time as well.

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The food industry is an extensive user of Vreugdenhil milk powders. Our milk powders are found in A-brand dairy products, ice cream, bread, chocolate, biscuits and sweets for example. 

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