Sustainability rapport 2019

Our suppliers

Vreugdenhil stands for quality, cooperation and sustainability. Dutch milk has an exceptional name and reputation worldwide in the field of milk production. That is why dairy farmers are our chief suppliers. The sector faces several challenges, such as the uncertainty about nitrogen policy. Vreugdenhil supports dairy farmers in making milk production more sustainable, stimulating this transition and sharing knowledge.

In the Netherlands dairy farmers and dairy companies are working together on a future-proof dairy sector in the Sustainable Dairy Chain programme. Vreugdenhil further contributes to this with an extensive sustainability programme for dairy farmers.

Topics in sustainable dairy farming

'We're not pioneers, but we do want to be sustainable: you have to!'

Bart Verkleij
Bart Verkleij
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Lowering greenhouse gas emissions on the farm)

Lowering greenhouse gas emissions on the farm

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Care from calf to cow)

Care from calf to cow

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Outdoor grazing)

Outdoor grazing

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Phosphate and nitrogen)

Phosphate and nitrogen

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Improving biodiversity)

Improving biodiversity

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Ambitions , goals and results

Outdoor grazing


Our outdoor grazing percentage is higher than the Dutch average of 83%. Our outdoor grazing percentage rose by 0.6% in comparison with 2018.

Lifespan cows


years and 307 days

… is the average lifespan of our dairy farmers' cows. The lifespan is 37 days longer than the national average.

Target 2020: 6 years and 73 days

Sustainability participation



... in our sustainability programme. We reward our dairy farmers for sustainability efforts.

Milk production


billion kilograms of milk

… processed by Vreugdenhil, most of which comes from our 820 Dutch dairy farmers.