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Environmentally friendly factories and offices

Our long-term strategy Marathon 2022 sets out our ambition for renewable energy: Vreugdenhil wants to achieve climate-neutral production by 2029. This is a major challenge, but taking the lead gives us a competitive edge and helps us reduce our environmental impact. In the coming years, we will make substantial efforts to save energy at our own sites, in the chain and in the region. Each site has its own action plan to achieve energy savings. We consider cooperation with the sector and external parties to be an important success factor. In addition, we will explore alternative renewable energy sources such as hydrogen and wind energy from wind parks in the North Sea. We remain committed to reducing our carbon footprint in order to remain future-proof.

In 2019 we started rolling out the action plans to achieve energy savings. Each site focuses on its own top 5 energy saving measures.

Topics in environmentally friendly factories and offices

'It's an interesting challenge to solve this complex puzzle'

Bart Verkleij
Haaye Boonstra
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Maximum result | No button to win sustainability

Bart Verkleij
Remco Vrind | Stijn Bekers
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Ambitions, goals and results


768 million euros

... turnover in 2019.

Energy consumption


less energy consumption

... per tonne of product in 2019 in comparison with 2005.

Goal 2018: 19.5% less

Goal 2022: 34% less

Solar panels


kWh of solar energy

… we generated using 1,284 solar panels in Gorinchem. This is sufficient power for about 100 households per year. 100% of all the power we use is green.