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Fair and environmentally conscious purchasing

In addition to dairy farmers, we work closely with other suppliers in the dairy chain. They supply raw materials, such as palm oil, soy or packaging, or they provide the milk transport and transport of our products to the customer. We talk to all our suppliers about sustainability initiatives. A condition for delivery is signing our Supplier Code, which includes requirements in terms of human rights, animal welfare and the environment. The Supplier Code was updated in 2019. The subject of human rights and the social aspect of sustainability have received more attention.Sustainability has also been included in the audit of our chief suppliers. There is nothing out of the ordinary to report on this. Most suppliers devote a great deal of attention to the theme. Sustainability is playing an increasingly important role in our cooperation with third parties. In order to continually make the most sustainable choices, discussions with the entire chain will continue to be necessary.

In cooperation with customers and suppliers, we focus on making our packaging materials more sustainable, for example. Together with all chain partners, we are taking the necessary measures to meet the new sustainability requirements for the future.

Topics in fair and environmentally conscious purchasing

Sustainable palm oil and responsible soy lecithin)

Sustainable palm oil and responsible soy lecithin

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Sustainable packaging)

Sustainable packaging

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Ambitions, goals and results



... are the palm oil and soy lecithin we use in our milk powders.



lower CO2 emissions from milk transport

... compared to 2013, per kilogram of milk. In 2018 this was 13% less.
Target: 20% less emissions between 2013 and 2022.