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Healthy and engaged staff

At Vreugdenhil, vitality, employee development and a safe working environment are of paramount importance. In 2019, the number of permanent employees grew from 423 to 459. Gorinchem employs 245 people, making it our largest production site. Since 2018, we have applied the Dairy Collective Agreement at all sites. For positions above the CA, we apply Vreugdenhil's Terms of Employment Scheme. Since 2016, our production sites in Gorinchem and Scharsterbrug have been certified according to SMETA pillar 4: an independent, internationally recognised standard for working conditions. A new SMETA audit was carried out at both sites in 2019. The points for improvement have now been implemented, which means that we are SMETA-certified for another three years.

Vreugdenhil wants to be a place where people work safely and in good health, and enjoy helping to create a successful company. In 2019 we introduced a number of programmes to promote the vitality and health of our staff.

Topics in healthy and engaged staff

'When we exercise, we stimulate and motivate each other'

Bart Verkleij
Ariena Kleijer
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Keep working vitally and with pleasure)

Keep working vitally and with pleasure

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Quit smoking & kicking habits

Bart Verkleij
J. Vogelzang | D. Knopper
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Safe working environment)

Safe working environment

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'Employees are satisfied, they feel appreciated'

Bart Verkleij
Ellen de Rooij
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Sickness absence & accidents)

Sickness absence & accidents

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Ambitions, goals and results



... work at Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods.

In 2019, we had 8.5% more employees than in 2018.

Vitality and health


new programmes

… we introduced at all sites to promote the vitality and health of our staff.


ISO 45001

... is the safety standard by which we intend to certify all sites. In 2019, we started preparations for the certification of two sites.