Our suppliers

Fair and environmentally conscious purchasing

In addition to dairy farmers, we work closely with other suppliers in our chain. They supply raw materials, such as palm oil, soy or packaging, or they provide the milk transport and transport of our products to the customer.

Our ambition is to have made all our packaging materials sustainable by 2025. Not only by recycling and using less material, but also through circular solutions and the use of renewable raw materials. This is a step-by-step process in which cooperation in the chain is important.

Topics in fair and environmentally conscious purchasing

Other suppliers)

Other suppliers

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Sustainable palm oil and responsible soy lecithin)

Sustainable palm oil and responsible soy lecithin

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Sustainable packaging)

Sustainable packaging

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André de Groot)

André de Groot

Packaging Engineer
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Ambitions, goals and results



...are the palm oil and soy lecithin we use in our milk powders.



less CO2 emissions from milk transport

compared to 2013, per kilo of milk.

In 2019 this was 20% less.
Goal: 20% less emissions between 2013 and 2022.