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Healthy and engaged staff

At Vreugdenhil we set great store by vitality, employee development and a safe working environment. In 2020, the number of permanent employees grew from 459 to 477. Gorinchem employs 250 people, making it our largest site.

Vreugdenhil wants to be a place where people work safely and in good health, and enjoy helping to create a successful company. Keeping employees healthy and engaged has been a challenge in the past year. Close attention was paid to preventive measures, working from home and finding a good work-life balance.

Topics in healthy and engaged staff

Michelle Oude Wolbers)

Michelle Oude Wolbers

QA Officer
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Keep working vitally and with pleasure)

Keep working vitally and with pleasure

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Susanne ter Wal)

Susanne ter Wal

Communication Manager
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Safe working environment)

Safe working environment

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Sickness absence & accidents)

Sickness absence & accidents

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Employee data)

Employee data

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Ambitions, goals and results



...work at Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods.

In 2020, we had 3.9% more employees than in 2019.


ISO 45001

...is the safety standard by which we intend to certify all sites.

In 2020, the Scharsterbrug and Nijkerk sites were certified.

Vitality and health


sickness absence.

Target 2021: sickness absence is 1% below the average CBS figure for the industry.