Sustainability rapport 2020

Our suppliers

Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods stands for quality, collaboration, and sustainability. Dutch milk has an exceptionally good name worldwide in the milk production domain. That is why dairy farmers are our most important suppliers. Vreugdenhil supports dairy farmers in making milk production sustainable, stimulating this transition, and sharing knowledge.

More and more dairy farmers are getting serious about agricultural nature management. In 2021, nearly 70% of our dairy farmers took additional measures to increase biodiversity on their land. Examples of these measures include bird management, ditch bank management, and the creation or protection of other landscape elements.

Topics in sustainable dairy farming

Stimulating and rewarding sustainability)

Stimulating and rewarding sustainability

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Lowering greenhouse gas emissions on farms)

Lowering greenhouse gas emissions on farms

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Marjolein de Kreij)

Marjolein de Kreij

Manager Milk Supply
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Care from calf to cow)

Care from calf to cow

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Joke and Evert van Dijk)

Joke and Evert van Dijk

Owner dairy farm
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Stimulating outdoor grazing)

Stimulating outdoor grazing

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Continuity in the industry)

Continuity in the industry

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Improving biodiversity)

Improving biodiversity

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Patrick Besten)

Patrick Besten

Milk Supply Director
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Results 2021

Outdoor grazing rate


Our outdoor grazing rate is higher than the Dutch average of 84%.

Cow lifespan


years and 26 days

… Is the average lifespan of our dairy farmers’ cows. This is up 34 days on 2020.

Sustainability programme participation rate


... of dairy farmers take part in our sustainability programme. We reward them for their sustainability efforts.

Milk production


billion kilograms of milk

… processed by Vreugdenhil, with most of it coming from our 826 Dutch dairy farmers.