Our suppliers

Fair and environmentally conscious purchasing

In addition to dairy farmers, we work closely with other suppliers in our supply chain They supply raw materials such as milk ingredients, vitamins and minerals, vegetable oil, lecithin, or packaging materials. Additionally, we procure various services, such as milk transport and transport services to ship our products to customers.

In 2021, we worked with our customers and suppliers on a sustainable alternative to our sachets. We also worked on making the caps for our cans sustainable. These caps are now lighter and contain less plastic. Over the coming year, we will further scale up the use of these sustainable alternatives.

Topics in fair and environmentally conscious purchasing

Supplier Code of Conduct and ICSR)

Supplier Code of Conduct and ICSR

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Sustainable palm oil and responsible soy lecithin)

Sustainable palm oil and responsible soy lecithin

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Henk Bouw)

Henk Bouw

Manager Transport & Export
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Sustainable packaging)

Sustainable packaging

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Sicco Roukema)

Sicco Roukema

Quality Assurance Director
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Results 2021



... were the palm oil and soy lecithin we used in our milk powders in 2021.



reduction in carbon emissions

from milk transport in 2021 compared to 2013, per kilogramme of milk, compared to 30.5% in 2020.