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Environmentally friendly factories and offices

Vreugdenhil has set itself the ambition of making the supply chain entirely carbon neutral, from grass to glass, by 2050. In order to realise this ambition, we are working closely together with dairy farmers and suppliers to reduce emissions to the maximum degree possible. Also in our factories, we are transitioning towards climate-neutral production.

Vreugdenhil is working hard to reduce energy consumption. Last year, we tightened our energy targets and improved the energy monitoring system.

Topics in environmentally friendly factories and offices

Carbon neutral from grass to glass)

Carbon neutral from grass to glass

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Reducing energy consumption)

Reducing energy consumption

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Renewable energy)

Renewable energy

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Remco Vrind )

Remco Vrind

Facility Coordinator
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Water and waste)

Water and waste

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Erik Petter)

Erik Petter

Chief Operations Officer
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Results 2021


green power consumption

Energy consumption


less energy consumed

... per tonne of product in 2021, compared to 2005 levels.

Solar panels


million kWh solar energy

… generated by the 4,829 solar panels on our offices and factories. This equals the amount of power that 450 households use in a year.