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Dairy is a nutritious and tasty product, as well as a high-quality source of energy and protein. It also contributes to the recommended daily intake of calcium and vitamins B2, B5 and B12. Vreugdenhil's goal is to reach more people with all the benefits of milk. Milk nutrition in everyone's daily diet!

At Vreugdenhil, we work together with our customers on the development of new nutritious, healthy, and affordable products. We also develop products for special purposes, such as tube feeding, sports nutrition, and baby food. In 2021, seven such new products were developed.

Topics in nutricious and tasty products

Fewer product quality complaints)

Fewer product quality complaints

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Customer satisfaction)

Customer satisfaction

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Rutger Smit)

Rutger Smit

Export Manager
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Product development)

Product development

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Gerben van Schaik)

Gerben van Schaik

Commercial Director
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… are supplied with our tasty and nutritious milk powders.

Export outside Europe


export outside Europe

... to countries around the equator, where the climate is not optimal for keeping dairy cattle and where the infrastructure for good milk processing is often lacking.

Hidden hunger


of products in the African market enriched.

... worldwide almost 2 billion people suffer from hidden hunger and a deficiency of one or more nutrients. To combat malnutrition, we supply enriched milk powder to the African market.