Clean drinking water


We extract water from milk to produce our milk powders. Consumers then put water back into our products. But clean drinking water cannot be taken for granted in Africa, where many of our consumers live. That is why we finance drinking water projects in Africa, under the motto 'a litre for a litre'. Our partner Made Blue ensures that the agreed litres that Vreugdenhil evaporates are completely and measurably matched, making the same quantity of drinking water available in developing countries.

Well in Ethiopia

We have financed a well in the Ethiopian village of Guramba Bata since 2015. It is approximately 130 metres deep and gives some 4,000 residents access to clean drinking water on an ongoing basis for at least 20 years. Over the next 20 years (the technical life of infrastructure), we will produce at least 525 million litres of clean drinking water. The water is led to four consumption points, among which a school and a health centre. A group of people have been trained to maintain the drinking water infrastructure. Coaches have also been trained to encourage people to change their hygiene behaviour. We are working to develop e new project in Africa that will allow us to keep mirroring our litres.

Other projects in developing countries

In addition to our drinking water projects, we are also sponsoring other projects, in Congo, Colombia and Liberia. 

In Congo, we are supporting a project that empowers vulnerable women, for example by improving social and economic conditions, and countering exploitation and human rights violations. Furthermore, the project promotes participation of women in local government structures and endeavours to realise it where possible.

In Colombia we are sponsoring a project that provides primary and secondary education and family coaching to vulnerable families. The project aims to break the vicious circle of poverty and violence.

Making it possible to have children in Liberia start their schoolday with a nutritious meal is the goal of the Milky Gari project that we started in 2018 in partnership with our customer Hoogwegt. Because many children in Liberia are malnourished and don't go to school. The local aid organisation ZOA offers children of school age a nutritious porridge based on milk powder, cassava and soy flower (‘Milky Gari’). This makes it more attractive for parents to let their children go to school. Local farmers supply the cassava and local entrepreneurs process them into a porridge (gari). This raises their income, which in turn contributes positively to their ability to buy school uniforms and books for their children. This local approach makes ZOA unique in the region. The schools are also provided with soap, so that the children can wash their hands and hygiene is improved.