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In 2021, more people went on Covid-19-related sick leave than in 2020. This created a challenge with respect to staffing levels and production continuity. In 2021, there were eight lost time accidents in total across Vreugdenhil, i.e. one more than in 2020. None of these accidents resulted in serious injury or had to be reported to the authorities. Our target continues to be zero lost time accidents. But what is even more important to us is that we learn from the accidents that happen, so as to be able to prevent them from happening again. Our CEO and HR Director visit all our factories on an annual basis to discuss accidents with everyone involved. Every six weeks, we have a safety meeting with the safety managers for the factories. In order to increase safety, we implement (technical) improvements on an ongoing basis. And since 2021, we have been giving compulsory safety training through the Vreugdenhil Academy.