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"We regularly team up with our customers to develop new products, such as for specific purposes, for affordable alternatives, and for various other needs. We also enrich our products with vitamins and minerals. Our flexibility and entrepreneurship give us a perfect ability to respond to our customers’ needs in our product development. For one of our customers, for example, we processed free range milk separately at one of our plants, so as to guarantee that the milk powder was made exclusively of free range milk. And the purchase of a factory in Putten in early 2022 allows us to also offer new concepts for relatively small volumes. This will make us even more flexible in the future."

"We also want to work together with our customers on product development in a sustainability context. Seeing as customer needs and product development are often about seizing opportunities in the market, about niches, and about where value can be added, Vreugdenhil wants to invite its customers to work together with us to accelerate our products’ transition to sustainability."

"As a company, it is also important that we be transparent towards customers and show them what we are already doing and what we can offer them. Sustainability is an increasingly hot topic among our customers and we can really add value for them in this respect. This can be about making their products more sustainable, but also about challenges in the supply chain."