Full cream milk powder

Made in Holland

Family milk moments

Full cream milk powder 28% fat

Did you choose Two Cows? Congratulations! Two Cows is ideal for creating those family milk moments every day. Its delicious taste and outstanding solubility in hot and cold water make it perfect for this. Simply drink the milk or use it to make a wide range of dishes, including soups and yoghurt. Or just add a drop to a cup of tea or coffee. For everybody, age one and older. 

How to use Two Cows?
family drinking milk
little girl drinking

Healthy choice

Two Cows full cream milk powder is a healthy and nutritious choice for you and your family. Millions of people around the world enjoy this high quality milk powder made from fresh cow’s milk from Holland every day.

Why choose Two Cows?

Made in Holland

900 certified Dutch dairy farmers deliver the best quality milk to make Two Cows milk powder. These dairy farmers meet the strictest food hygiene and safety standards. Also, regular checks in our own labs ensure our products are always improving.