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Factory processes nearly one million litres of milk per day

Vreugdenhil opened a fourth production plant in 2016. Global demand for nutritious and taste milk powder is increasing. The new production facility in Gorinchem is able to produce no less than 8.000 kilograms of milk powder per hour. The new factory is able to process 350 million litres of milk per year – an increase of Vreugdenhil's total capacity by almost one third.

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HQ meets the highest sustainability standards

Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods' headquarters building is built to the highest BREEAM sustainability standards. BREEAM is a tool for assessing a building's sustainability that looks beyond energy saving and health, assessing it on nine sustainability categories.

Goodness of milk

Dairy products form part of a healthy diet

The World Food Organisation (FAO) and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) have both developed guidelines for a healthy and sustainable diet. The WWF's sustainable 'five a day' reduces the environmental impact of eating healthily by 25%. The five-a-day recommendations include dairy, because it is rich in nutrients. The FAO, meanwhile, states that dairy plays an important role in feeding the growing world population. (Source: Dutch Dairy Association)

Dutch dairy products among best in world

The quality of Dutch dairy products is recognised around the world. The basis for this success can be found in the quality of Dutch soil and the temperate climate. Centuries of dairy production has led to close collaboration between farmers, milk processors, suppliers and research institutes. Every day, hundreds of people in the Netherlands ensure the quality and safety of Dutch dairy products. Thanks to advanced control systems, the good health of our cows, our high standard of hygiene and the professionalism of the raw milk dairy farmer, Dutch farm milk is among the best in the world.

Health benefits of milk

There's plenty of scientific evidence of the health benefits of milk and milk products. These include stronger bones, lowered risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, lower blood pressure and weight control. The website "Milk, nutritious by nature" provides a clear overview of the science.

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