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Dutch dairy at the world top

Dutch farm milk is among the best in the world. The basis for that success lies in the soil and climate conditions in our country. They are ideal for dairy farming. The entire chain is intensively checked for quality and safety. Dutch knowledge institutes, such as Wageningen University, NIZO food research and Qlip, ensure that the best and latest methodologies are applied.

High quality dairy

Quality is the pillar that has enabled Dutch dairy to secure its strong position in the world.  Thanks to this high quality, the dairy sector makes an important contribution to the Dutch economy. This is evident from the report High-Quality Dairy published by the Dutch Dairy Organisation (NZO) in September 2020. ‘Around the world, our dairy is synonymous with quality,’ says Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods CEO Albert de Groot in the report.

Schijf van 5

Disk of five

Dairy is included in the Disk of Five of the Nutrition Centre, which is the basis for a healthy diet. The Nutrition Centre recommends the daily use of low-fat and semi-skimmed dairy products.



Lecture about milk

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