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"RUTF is a composite product of different ingredients including our milk powders. This provides the basic nutrients for severely malnourished children." 

Sander Verweij - Sales Director Industrial Dairy & Specialised Nutrition

Acute malnutrition
Worldwide, nearly 60 million children suffer from acute malnutrition. These children are treated with special nutrition, namely Ready to Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF) and Ready to use Supplemental Food (RUSF). Acute malnutrition has a major impact on the immune system; for that reason, RUTF and RUSF must be produced as safely as possible. 

Since 2021, we have focused on supplying skimmed milk powder for this specific application and aim to further increase our market share in 2023 as well. In this way, we contribute to the safe treatment of acute malnutrition.

Enriched products
Vitamins, minerals, less sugar or unsaturated fats. In 2022, ten new products were developed for our customers. The goal is to develop two new products each year that are enriched or produced with more sustainable ingredients. In 2022, we successfully launched one extra enriched product on the market, for which we immediately received many orders.

Another important milestone is that we have developed a High Heat Heat Stable skimmed milk powder. This product is therefore highly suitable for specific applications such as long-life dairy products, UHT milk and as an ingredient for recombined products.