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The power grid needs to have sufficient capacity to be able to accommodate increasing demand for electricity. This is making it a real challenge to use electrification as a way to move the Scharsterbrug and Gorinchem plants towards sustainability.

In 2021, all the power we consumed was 100% green power. Like in previous years, we aimed to use green power with European wind power certificates.

We have solar panels on the roofs of our head office in Nijkerk and our production sites in Gorinchem, Barneveld, and Scharsterbrug. In 2021, these solar panels yielded over 1,200,000 kWh of green power, reducing carbon emissions by 690 tonnes. The power produced by our solar panels equals the amount of power that 450 households use in a year.

Panels in 2021 Yields in 2021 CO₂ reduction in 2021
Gorinchem 1284 325.948 181.2
Barneveld 1800 546.304 303.7
Scharsterbrug 1572 329.874 183.4
Nijkerk 1733 291.241 690.1