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Holland Horizon

Healthy choice

Holland Horizon instant filled powder has a unique combination of vitamins and minerals. The calcium naturally found in milk is one of the building blocks for strong bones. This makes our product a healthy choice for people aged 1 year and older.


Produced and packed in Holland

Our healthy and nutritious milk powders come from Dutch cows, which produce the tastiest and best milk 365 days a year. Holland Horizon is produced and packed at the source, what we call “from grass to glass”. As a result, instant filled powder meets the strictest quality and health requirements and is the best choice for the entire family.

Holland Horizon verpakkingen

Available packaging sizes

Holland Horizon is available in many sizes, in tins and pouches:

Tins: 400, 900, 1800, 2500 grams
Pouches: 400, 900 grams.