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Last year was challenging, dynamic and exciting. Both in the world around us and at Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods. The unstable situation in Europe, the outbreak of war in Ukraine, the strong fluctuations in the prices of raw materials, major fluctuations in energy prices and the tensions in China all caused prices to rise sharply in the first half of the year. We were able to pay a historically high milk price and pass it on to our customers. After the summer, prices began to fall. Nationally, the nitrogen crisis dominated the news and this brought a lot of emotion and turmoil.

Preferred supplier
It is important to stick to our strategy 'Marathon '25' and to pursue our ambition, even in these special times - the volatile market, uncertain and complex environment in which we operate: Vreugdenhil is the leading specialist in nutritional (milk) powders. Customer surveys show that many of our customers see us as a preferred supplier. We are proud of that and it encourages us to do even better every day. 

Stable company
Beyond all the challenges and concerns around us, we have continued to produce and distribute healthy food to millions of consumers worldwide. We have always been able to supply our customers in a timely manner with the high quality that can be expected of us. We think about tomorrow. 

Sustainability is embedded in the organization and we take steps in this area every day. We do this together: both at the office and at our production sites, large and small. In this way, everyone in the chain makes a difference every day: Daily Dairy.