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Thijs Bosch, Managing Director of Cosun Protein: "We are pleased to announce that we have entered into a cooperation agreement with Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods. We are convinced that this cooperation with Vreugdenhil will ensure excellent customer service. Our unique Tendra┬« fava bean protein Isolate fits well with the increasing demand for high-quality vegetable proteins.  Especially in the dairy alternatives segment where traditional dairy producers want to expand their range with delicious non-dairy formulas."

Demand for vegetable proteins is growing

In recent decades, people have started eating more and more animal proteins, such as meat, fish, milk, eggs and cheese. However, in order to be able to continue to feed the growing world population in the future, the demand for vegetable proteins is also growing. 

Gerben van Schaik, commercial director at Vreugdenhil: "For Vreugdenhil, it is a logical extension of our range. We are therefore proud to enter into this great partnership with Cosun Protein and look forward to the future."

Groundbreaking product

Tendra┬« Fava Protein Isolate is a groundbreaking product that is the result of a specific, proprietary extraction technology and a unique purification process. It is a taste- and odor-neutral vegetable protein that exceeds industry standards for taste, purity and solubility. 

For questions about this unique plant-based protein for your application, please contact our commercial team.