About Vreugdenhil

The demand for healthy food is increasing around the world. As a Dutch producer of powdered milk, we are meeting this need.

Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods maintains growth in volume

Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods can look back on a year in which the company grew, as reflected in the volume of sales. The skimmed milk powder intervention had a dampening effect on the market, which meant that turnover nevertheless fell.

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Sixty years in the dairy industry

Vreugdenhil is active in the dairy market since 1954. Gradually we have become Europe's largest producer of full cream milk powder. We have three factories, and 900 Dutch farmers who deliver the raw product. We produce milk powders for the food industry and for millions of consumers worldwide.

Our story

Creating Shared Value

In our long-range strategy Marathon '22 we are working toward achieving three ambitions on the principle of Creating Shared Value: profitable value chain, great place to work and climate neutral. We create shared value for our suppliers, company, customers and their environment.

Corporate strategy

Facts and figures 2018

In 2018 Vreugdenhil has grown. We operate from the heart of society and have the objective of adding value within the entire chain in economic, social and ecological terms. Based on this vision we have drawn up our fice-year strategy Marathon '22. Year 2018 was the second year of this strategy, which focusus on three priorities: Profitable Value Chain, Great Place to Work and Climate Neutral.
We drafted a concrete and cost-efficient plan with which our production will be climate neutral in 2029. Read more about our value chain and our performance in 2018.

Sustainability overview 2018