About Vreugdenhil

Worldwide demand for healthy food is increasing. As a Dutch producer of milk powder, Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods responds to this need. Our mission is therefore: we bring you the best of milk. Our many years of experience enable us - together with our chain partners -  to make a difference for millions of consumers around the world. We do this according to the vision: milk nutrition in everyone's daily diet.

Valuable steps in Vreugdenhil's sustainability ambition

Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods, together with all partners in the chain, took valuable steps in the field of sustainability in 2020. The situation around COVID-19 posed challenges and we have paid close attention to the safety, health and well-being employees. More than 90% of the dairy farmers took part in Vreugdenhil’s sustainability programme, the CO2 emissions of milk transport were further reduced, and the roofs of our production sites in Barneveld and Scharsterbrug were fitted with solar panels last year.

Sustainability overview 2020

Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods profitable in corona year 2020

Despite the corona crisis, Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods generated a stable turnover in 2020 and even managed to improve the result compared to the previous year. " In this extraordinary time, we buckled down and shown our flexibility. All our employees can be proud of this " says CEO Albert de Groot.

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Creating Shared Value

In our long-range strategy Marathon '22 we are working toward achieving three ambitions on the principle of Creating Shared Value: profitable value chain, great place to work and climate neutral. We create shared value for our suppliers, company, customers and their environment. The vision is to always learn, develop and improve together, so that everything always gets better one step at a time.

Corporate strategy
Sixty five years in the dairy industry

Vreugdenhil is active in the dairy market since 1954. Gradually we have become Europe's largest producer of full cream milk powder. We have three factories, and over eight hundred Dutch farmers who deliver the raw product. We produce milk powders for the food industry and for millions of consumers worldwide.

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