Sustainability overview

Creating Shared Value in 2018




Our suppliers:

Sustainable dairy farming

  • 1.3 billion kilos of milk

    … were processed by Vreugdenhil.

  • 8 litres of milk

    ... produce approximately 1 kilo of whole milk powder.

  • doelstelling duurzaamheid

    84.7% participation

    ... in our sustainability programme. We reward our dairy farmers for sustainability efforts. The conditions for this are discussed with the dairy farmers every year in the sustainability focus group. The number of criteria that must be fulfilled has been expanded further over the past few years. The qualifying requirements for a bonus are in line with the ambition to raise the level.

    2017: 76% | target 2019: >80%
  • doelstelling duurzaamheid

    88.1% outdoor grazing

    Our outdoor grazing percentage is higher than the Dutch average of 82%. Our outdoor grazing percentage rose by 0.6% in comparison with 2017.

  • doelstelling duurzaamheid

    5 years and 252 days

    … is the average lifespan of our dairy farmers' cows. The lifespan is 48 days longer than the national average.

    Goal 2020: 6 years and 73 days
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Our suppliers:

Fair and environmentally friendly purchasing

  • doelstelling duurzaamheid 

    100% sustainable

    ... are the palm oil (RSPO) and soy lecithin we use in our milk powders.

  • doelstelling duurzaamheid

    13% lower CO2 emissions from milk transport

    ... per kilo of milk in comparison with 2013. In 2017 this was 11%. Target: 20% less emissions between 2013 and 2022.

  • doelstelling duurzaamheid

    14% lower CO2 emissions from other transport

    .. organised by us in 2018, compared to 2011, per tonne of product. 2017: 13%. Target 2022: 20%. From Gorinchem, 93% of transport was by ship. From Scharsterbrug 71%.

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Our company:

Healthy and engaged staff members

  • 423 staff members

    ... are employed with Vreugdenhil. In 2018, we had 9% more employees than in 2017.

  • 4.6% sickness absence

    2017: 3.7% | target 2022: < 4%
  • 16 accidents

    ... with lost time in 2018

    2017: 13 | target: 0
  • ISO 45001

    .... is the safety standard according to which we intend to certify all sites. Between 2019 and 2020 all our sites will be certified.

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Our company:

Environmentally friendly factories and offices

  • 5 sites

    ... production sites in Barneveld, Gorinchem (2) and Scharsterbrug, and an office in Nijkerk.

  • 730 million euros

    ... turnover in 2018.

  • doelstelling duurzaamheid

    19.5% less energy consumption

    ... per tonne of product in 2018 in comparison with 2005.

    2017: 20% less | target 2022: 34% less
  • doelstelling duurzaamheid

    100% green electricity consumption

    ... of which 26% is from wind energy from our own dairy farmers.

    target 2029: climate-neutral production by means of energy savings, green energy and green gas (own generation and purchased)
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  • Production process

    Watch the video of the milk powder production process in this clip.


Our customers:

Nutritious and tasty products

  • 130 countries

    … are supplied by Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods with nutritious and tasty milk powders.

  • 75% export especially outside of Europe

    ... to countries around the equator, where the climate is not optimal for dairy farming.

  • Ingredients for infant nutrition…

    …strategic goal for 2022 is to expand our portfolio and further enter the market for ingredients for infant nutrition.

  • 2 billion people

    ... across the globe suffer from 'hidden hunger'. In 2018, in order to increase the health contributions, we developed an optimum mix with additional vitamins and minerals for our own brands for Africa. We started a trial with it in early 2019.

  • 0.25 quality complaints per 1,000 tonnes of product

    ... in 2018. Quality is our priority every single day. All our production sites have been certified in accordance with the internationally recognised FSSC 22000 food safety standard.
    2017: 0.34 quality complaints per 1,000 tonnes of product | target 2019: less than 0.25 product quality complaints per 1,000 tonnes of product.

  • Good food

    ... is important for a long and happy life. Milk is an important component of a balanced daily diet. Vreugdenhil's goal is to reach more people with all the goodness that milk has to offer: milk nutrition in everyone’s daily diet! With our growth we will succeed with this vision.

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Our customers:

Clean drinking water

  • 4,000 Ethiopians given clean drinking water

    ... with a 130 metre deep water well. This gives residents access to clean drinking water on an ongoing basis for at least 20 years. By financing this project, we mirror every litre of water we extract from the milk in the Netherlands during the production of milk for the African consumer market.

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